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Surprise Parties on a Party Bus!

To celebrate a special person in your life and share a special day with dear friends, consider hiring a party bus to make the whole event unforgettable. There are many ways to use the group transport option of a bus, build up the fun and get everyone around town safely.

Decide on a Destination

Where will you go? One of the nice things about a party on the bus is that people can’t be fashionably late. You need to meet somewhere, get everyone on the bus and go! If your folks love going to the movies, find out if it would be possible to reserve a theatre or a balcony space just for your group.

Determine Your Theme

Themes don’t have to be a lot of work for a great party. If your favorite person has a birthday, gather photos of them and make a collage on poster-board that you can display on the bus. Make your destination a red carpet event and have everyone dress up, either in something fancy or in costume, to a film premiere.

If your favorite person isn’t keen on dress-up, create a western theme or whatever they love best. Camo costumes to party on the bus? Why not!

Treat Your Guests

Set up coolers with simple options, from water to adult beverages. Also, consider setting up punch or mixed drink containers that are

  • unbreakable, and
  • easily strapped to the wall to avoid spills

Bring plastic cups, paper napkins, and plenty of trash bags. Put together boxed snacks for the trip; chips and salsa or guacamole, pretzels and veggies with ranch dip, and a sweet treat would all go down well. Plan a hot meal at your destination if you’re spending the whole evening out.

Make the Surprise Stick

If you’re trying to celebrate a special guy or gal but find they’re hard to surprise because they’re so practical, call them from the parking lot where the bus is starting and let them know you’re having some sort of car trouble and you need a lift. They will, of course, head over to collect you, and you can both surprise and kidnap them from this point for an evening of fun.

If you know this person drops right into pajamas or sweats when they get home, let them know that you still need to head to the grocery store on the way home, so they may need to get dressed at least enough for public consumption. If you think they’d appreciate it, have a change of clothes available on the bus. Be sneaky. It will be worth it!

Have a Blast on the Way to Your Destination!

Share a toast to your favorite person to start the evening rolling, then encourage friends to pass around beverages, snacks, and party favors. Get silly and celebrate whatever milestone your favorite person is enjoying, or just celebrate the end of a tough year.

Make sure you don’t overload the bus with people. Folks will need a place to sit safely and enjoy their food and drink; too many people may mean that folks need to stand, which can put them at risk. Keep an eye on anyone in high heels or anyone who’s a bit older to avoid a dangerous tumble. Of course, keep an eye out for anyone over-imbibing.

Get Home Safely

You collected in a parking lot for pickup, so be sure to check everyone out when you get back there. If anyone isn’t able to drive, be prepared to take their keys or ask a friend to make sure they get home. Check back with them in the morning to make sure they have their car back safely. If you’re concerned about safety in an overnight parking lot, invite friends to rideshare to the gathering point and allow enough time for everyone to stay on the bus while they wait for their driver to pick them up.

Say goodbye to 2020 with a rolling party–Call us to book a party bus for a great surprise!

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